Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Team Building!

The 2nd grade students had a blast participating in a team building/Science activity. The students had to work together as a team to build a castle out of cups. There were specific directions they needed to follow in order to complete the task--but most importantly they had to WORK TOGETHER to solve the problem. The students learned a lot from this activity including: how to build a structure, how to construct a simple machine, how to listen to one another and how to be kind and respectful. They had so much fun!

Science fun!

Here are some science labs we did a few weeks ago!

2nd Grade Coin Wars

The students are playing coin wars during 2nd grade Math! They had so much fun. We are working on recognizing and counting coins during math class Keep up the great work!

U.S. Landmarks Project!

The students are researching their U.S. landmarks for Social Studies using the laptops. They had a blast!

Friday, October 23, 2015


The Second Graders were able to visit the "Big Rig" on the playground today and choose a book of their choice to take home with them.  This Big Rig travels  across the country helping out students by supplying them with books to encourage them to read and succeed.  

Paper Airplanes in Math!?!?

In our math classes we have been focusing on measurement.  Lately, we have measured using several different units such as centimeters, inches, feet, yards are  meters.  We have been working hard with our common core math standards and decided to have a little more fun while we learned more about measuring.  Each  student made their own paper airplane and we headed to the auditorium for one day and then outside on the playground the next day to finish up our activity.  Each student threw their airplane 3 times and measured each throw using yards.  After all measurements were made students rotated to partners three different  times comparing measurements.  The Second Graders had a blast learning today!

Trip to the Fire Station!

Both Second Grade classes were able to visit the Central Stickney Fire Department together.  We learned so much about fire safety.  The firemen taught us about  how to stay safe at home when it comes to preventing a fire, showed us the inside of real fire truck and gave us some goodie bags filled with lots of fun and  educational stuff.  What a great trip!